Her har du mulighed for at skrive en hilsen. Det kan være en oplevelse fra fiskevandet, eller hvad du ellers kan finde på, som vedrører foreningen.

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Skrevet af Paul, d. 14-01-2020
Dear Fishing Friends from Denmark. I'm planning on going for a fishing trip in late March with a friend. I've been to Ebeltoft last summer and went fishing at the Kolindsund Nordkanal (Sivested) twice. I managed to catch a couple of bass and two pikes. Wanted to try to catch trout this time. On your website i have read, that in the months January until March it is recommended to fish in the town Grena. Is this correct? Depending on where it is most likely to catch a fish we're considering looking for a place to stay around Kolind or Grena. Any further Information on this is much appreciated. Kind regards from Germnay, Paul